In 2018, our founder Brian Squires rode the 100 mile Bike MS and we are back again as part of Team Refresh Local.  What is the goal of Bike MS?  A world free of Multiple Sclerosis.

Brian is doing it again in 2019!  Bike MS—a fundraising ride that is changing the lives of people affected by MS and helping fuel progress toward a world free of MS. I’d love your support as I prepare for this incredible experience.

Team Refresh Local is preparing to go the distance for MS. Going for the 100 miles again! It will take training, preparation and ongoing commitment from hundreds of other people and thousands of cyclists all over the country. What will really put power in our pedals is your support and commitment to those impacted by MS. Every mile we ride brings us closer to our goal—a world free of MS.

Please support us today in support of this organization that is very important to our company.


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