Keep calm and coupon on! Coupons are still the most influential and impactful way for a consumer to make the final decision when planning purchases. From 2016 to 2017, there has been an increased number of use for paper coupons. A study conducted in 2017 showed that 88% of all coupon users use paper coupons such as those obtained from the newspaper coupon book, in the mail, in the store, or printed from a computer. Interestingly enough, 94% of millennials say they use coupons and spend their money where these coupons are accepted and where promotional deals are more frequent.

Before leaving the house most consumers already have a list of grocery items they intend to purchase. In fact, approximately 20% of shoppers said that paper coupons received at home were the primary influence that encouraged them to purchase a food or household goods brand or product within the past year that they would not normally buy. When consumers have a coupon book in front of them while making their grocery list, it makes their decisions easier and their wallet happier.

Who Uses Coupons?

Parents are more likely than all consumers to indicate that coupons and deals influence their store selection. The use and the availability of both digital and print coupons factor into their store decision. Studies show 47% of parents say they have increased their shopping at stores other than their usual store of choice due to better advertised deals.

What the data shows us is consumers are still turning to print and their mailboxes to find local businesses.  What does this mean for your marketing strategy? While newer media platforms like Google and Facebook are vital, direct mail can not be ignored.  Examine your market to find the best avenues for your business to reach local consumers in the right and affordable manner.

What Did We Learn?

The numbers don’t lie! Don’t miss out on the millenials and parents that are looking for print coupons.  Find a way to make your customers happy with a new campaign in print.

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